Building A Press To A Handstand
Total cost: $19.99

Building A Press To A Handstand

4 Weeks / 4 Days per Week

Why Purchase

The press to handstand is a seriously difficult skill. It takes determination, flexibility and hard work to master it.

But with the right guidance, anyone can work toward getting their first one.

Join leading gymnastics expert Pamela Gagnon and Dr. of Physical Therapy Zach Long. Pamela is an experienced CrossFit games athlete and a leader in the world of gymnastics technique. Zach covers prehab and strength expertise to get stronger while avoiding injury.

Prerequisites for this programming include:

•Handstand knowledge (either against a wall or free standing)
•Minimal equipment (med ball, box or bench)

What you get:

Drills and prehab strength written by the pros for the 3 key areas of the press to handstand: compression (ie: flexibility), pressing strength, and handstand work.

Workouts that last around 10 minutes each
4 weeks of workouts, 4 days per week

variety of mobility exercises, strength progressions, and drills to build your gymnastics skills and ultimately get a press to handstand!

Building A Press To A Handstand
Total cost: $19.99